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Bike Maintenance

So seeing as though I’ve never even repaired a puncture before, I thought I should start learning how to look after and fix my bike.

I hadn’t realised, but there are many courses that are subsidised by local councils.

I attended one in Islington, run by Islington Cyclist Action Group:

For only £1 it was a great way to learn the basics.

I’ve still loads more to learn, so I’m going to attend a course (MV3150 level 1), this time a little closer to home, in Hammersmith:

Wish me luck!!

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The Kit

The Kit.

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Letter of Resignation

So after much deliberation i decided to bite the bullet and hand in my notice.

Michelle Coulson letter of resignation

Was much easier than i thought. My boss was really understanding and described me as a bit of a ‘caged animal’ at work! Sounds about right.

The fact of the matter is i need to save at least £6k to get me through the bike ride on a budget. I’m not going to be able to do this by saving £100 a month…soooo i’m off to find work on yachts in the south of France (Antibes) in May.  I’ve booked my STCW course for 29th April in the Isle of Wight, which will enable me to get work on boats out there. The money’s really good, so i figured 6-8 months and i’ll have enough saved.

More updates to come!!

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