First Practice Run

My friend Roxy and i are embarking on a fun road trip, driving a Maui Camper Van from Brighton to Geldrop (near Amsterdam).

Whilst discussing this in the pub, of course after a few beers with friends, it was decided i would cycle back! I made a pinky promise and everything!

I’ve never even repaired a puncture before or cycled further than 60 miles (London-Brighton). I have a road bike, not a touring bike, with no equipment, no plans of where to stay or idea how to begin planning the route; it’s fair to say that it may have been the drink talking when i agreed to this at such short notice.

Either way i’m doing it! We’re getting the train to Brighton on Sunday, ferry over to Calais, then the road trip will commence. I’ll be doing all the driving and my trusty co-pilot will be providing entertainment and snacks along the way!

We’re going to be tourists in Amsterdam for the day, then stay at the ‘world’s worst hostel’- Hans Brinker. Next morning, (with sore heads i’m sure) well make our way to Geldrop to drop off the Camper. I’ll then leave Roxy to get her flight and i’ll begin my cycle  back to Dunkirk, where i’ll catch the ferry! I’ve an idea of my route, have started buying bits of kit i’ll need but have no idea where i’ll stay.

Rox and me up to no good!

As i seem to have been saying quite a lot lately…”what’s the worst that can happen?”

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One thought on “First Practice Run

  1. Lois

    Ahh this will be amazing Shell! Just plan you’re route well in advance and you will be fine, don’t do what I did before cycling to Paris and look for maps in Waterstone’s the night before! 🙂

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