Monday 8th April

 10:00 Coffees in France?

our bed for the night

our bed for the night

So after a delightful night’s sleep, under Alejandro’s watchful eye, Shell and I woke up in a random French service station  with the view of a derelict barn, some suspicious looking ‘roadies’ and a petrol station.

what a view to wake up to!

what a view to wake up to!

In desperate need of coffee we head over to the service station to replenish our alarmingly-low caffeine levels, where we were greeted by a very friendly guy who made us two exceptional lattes. Ummm. After we’d paid, we thanked him; “merci beaucoup”. The friendly chap had a puzzled look on his face. Surely our French wasn’t that rusty? After awkwardly repeating, he went on to tell us that their language is Flemish, quite rightly so as we were in Belgium, not France. His words exactly were “No, you’re not in France, you’re in a better place now”! Oh dear.

 11:00-14:30 (ish) Next stop: Lekkerkerk

 After establishing what country we were actually in, Shell, Alejandro and I hit the Belgium highway en route to our next stop: Lekkerkerk (an uberly cute and quintessentially Dutch town an hour out of Rotterdam where Shell’s friend Marco lives). The journey consisted of: Shell’s god-awful tunes, Belgium waffles and camper van dancing.

 14:30 I heart Lekkerkerk

 So we finally arrive at Casa de Marco in Lekkerkerk. Not a massively infamous Dutch town, but imagine rustic windmills, green fields, seas of vibrant tulips, white picket-post fences lined with flowers and old people sat on benches. This is Lekkerkerk. So after a quick whizz around, we pick up Marco (who is joining us for Amsterdam fun times later on) and drive him to his university in Rotterdam. On the way Marco tries to educate Shell and I on ‘nice’ or ‘super’ Dutch DJ’s. I pretended to think they were cool. After dropping him off we head north for the one, the only minx that is Amsterdam.

 16:30 Hello The Dam’

 Yes! We have made it. After finding a random car parking spot on the outside of the city (after attempting to park 4m tall Alejandro in a car park that has a maximum height restriction of 2m) we do as the locals do and tram it into the bright lights of Amsterdam. Oh yes. Bidding goodbye to Alejandro we pass this awesome city, tulips, smiling faces, coffee shops promising ‘happy times’, museums, trendy arty types and a lot of canals.

 17:30-18:45 Lost

 The next hour and fifteen minutes is in all honesty a complete blank. Seen as both Shell and I work in travel, neither of us deemed it a good idea to print out the address for our abode for the evening (The Hans Brinker Hostel), so as a result we proceeded to get horrendously lost asking randoms for directions and generally not having a clue. Eventually we found it, checked in and got acquainted with the locals. These locals can only be described as ‘Ladz’. We checked in to reception and heard the painful sound of shit Dutch chart music mixed with a group of 30 or so 18 year olds chanting “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeey, jagerbombs, jagerbombs.” Ut oh.

 19:30 – unknown time

Tonight we let loose on Amsterdam. In list formation this evening involved;

           Overpriced Mexican food

          Overpriced beers (the local beer was Heineken in case you didn’t know) SHELLS ADDITION: Roxy actually asked a barman what the local beer was. ha ha ha ha.

          Happy café

          Mysterious space cakes

          Random chats

          Hot ears


          Red light districts


          Being on a lilo


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One thought on “Monday 8th April

  1. Fleur Delacour

    Ha!!!!!!!! This list is brilliant : )

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