Race against time

Oostende- Dunkirk

I really can’t remember the last time I was up before daylight.  My ferry leaves at 12pm. The sat nav advised the journey time is 4.5 hours, but with the head wind likely to be the same as yesterday I need to add on at least an extra hour onto that and allow time to rest in-between.

 The first three hours were the most peaceful of all the trip. I love being anywhere near the water, so cycling along the canal until after sunrise was really enjoyable. I even passed a London Phone box randomly in someone’s garden!

 I realised around 8am that I was just about half way…which was not good at all. This meant no time to rest or to eat. I did manage to grab a pain au chocolat quickly once I passed into France. Had to be done!

At 10am I got to Dunkirk. ”45 minutes to my destination” it read. Great- I’ve nailed this, I thought. The last 6 or so miles were the worst of the entire trip. I’ve never experience such soul destroying headwind. I may as well have got off my bike and pushed the thing, that’s how slowly I was going. I was on a straight, flat road with fully pumped up types (I kept checking!) but was on the lowest gear. To top it off it was pissing it down!

 Around 11.40 I made it to the DFDS Counter. I wanted to cry! I’ve done it AND on time! I gave myself a pat on the back and treated myself to a big meal on the ferry. What a day!

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One thought on “Race against time

  1. Fleur Durrant

    Bless!!!! That sounds like a proper mission! x

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