What a difference a week makes!

OK, so as my previous post mentioned the job really wasn’t for me. Not only this, but i couldn’t stand the captain. I wasn’t the only one. The other crew members did not like or respect him at all.

This said, i was well in need of a good night out, so headed out into Antibes last Saturday. As i told the captain i’d be back for 10.30pm, he was calling bang on time to see where i was. I was having a good time and really wasn’t ready to go back, so i ignored my phone and continued the night. 5am came and i needed to get some sleep before i was due back on the boat at 8am. With no where to sleep the beach seemed like a good option….not when we woke up to a tractor coming our way!

I didn’t want to face the music on the boat just yet, so after half heatedly looking for a tender (boat) to take me to my boat and being unsuccessful, i decided to turn my phone off and give my shift a miss.

Not surprising that when i turned up on Monday morning the Captain wasn’t best pleased and fired me. This was after a painful couple of hours where he demonstrated his ‘power’ and made me realise how ‘severe’ my actions were. I really struggled to hold my laughter in when he asked me to rate my behaviour on a scale of 1-10. Apparently 7 was the wrong answer, 10 was correct- what i did was worse than murder it seems. He ACTUALLY said that!!

So after telling him exactly what i thought of him i packed my bags, headed to the crew house and started to think about what to do next.

Booked my flight the next day to London, which was a pretty tough decision. I’ve met some amazing people that i really don’t want to leave behind and have invested a lot into getting work on yachts.

Ah well, Sydney is next on the cards- booked my flight yesterday. I’ll be there for a few months, staying with a friend, then back in the UK to continue the saving!

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3 thoughts on “What a difference a week makes!

  1. Fleur Durrant

    Brilliant!!!! I love sleeping on the beach after a bender!!! He sounds like a right fascist!!!!!!!! Go you, I would have chucked it in too, you should have thrown him overboard at the same time 😀 x

  2. ha ha. Thanks Fleur. Trust me, i was tempted to do more than throw him overboard 😉

  3. Fleur Durrant

    Hahahahaha, sounds like he deserved it 😀

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