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Change of heart

I was quite vague about why i didn’t turn up to my shift on the boat. Yes, it was because of a guy….

He wasn’t or isn’t just any guy though. After spending 5 days together with Nik in France (where he lives) i booked a flight home, too worried of not reaching my savings goal if i stayed. I was gutted to be leaving him, he was gutted to see me go. One week apart was enough time for us to miss each other, so he came to London for a few days to see me. Turns out we’re mad about each other, so we made it official! Exactly what i didn’t want to happen happened- i have a boyfriend to ‘hold me back’…. Or this is how i once viewed it. Not anymore, as he’s crazily agreed to join me on my cycle around the world. I was adamant this was MY thing, nobody else’s, but i’ve had a complete change of heart and can’t wait for us to embark on this trip together.

This doesn’t mean we don’t want others to join us. I still intend to get people involved in this for parts of the journey. Loads of people have said they’d love to join me, but i wonder how many will actually come along??

Anyways, I’m in Sydney now, (which coincidentally is where Nik is from) working two jobs, living in a hostel (grim) and saving hard for the trip.Image

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