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Half way there

So savings haven’t gone exactly to plan, as i should have over 60% of my target by now. Exchange rates and other factors have got in the way, however i am half way there!!

I was going to be sparse on the details, but seeing as i have nothing to hide i will reveal all.

The intention was to work solely in a strip club to save up for the trip. As a WAITRESS, FULLY CLOTHED can i add?! The money is still really good. After working in one club for a few days i knew i couldn’t do it full time. It wasn’t worth the loss of my soul and sanity! Being me, i always seem to land on my feet and the day i landed i bumped into an old boss who i worked for in Thailand as a tour leader. He offered me the same job, but in Sydney! Score! That meant i could do a job i like, get free accommodation and still earn good money part time at the club. This has meant some extreme hours, working 9am-6pm, then again from 9pm-6am. BUT I’ve had my goal in my head the whole time, so it’s kept me going.

It’s not all been about work, which is one of the reasons my savings has taken a slide, I’ve been running a lot, learning to surf, going to the beach, going out with my groups and having a lot of fun along the way. I’ve met a great bunch of people and have a whole new Sydney family.



Most of you will be thinking “a strip club, surely there’s another way?”. I’m sure there is, but its good money, flexible hours and isn’t actually as bad as i thought it’d be. It helps to be open minded and non judgmental of course.

The first club i worked at was awful, most of the waitresses, dancers and staff were complete bitches. I mean these girls were MEAN. I had a psycho stripper hurl abuse at me, throw a drink and then the cup at me- all because i took her friends drink away by accident!

Some of the dancers in there are just genuinely nice girls who want to make a bit of extra cash for travelling, but most are money hungry sluts who have lost their soul somewhere along the way. One woman from Colombia would get wasted and just drag guys by the arm begging “pay for me, pay for me”.

I’m in a different club now, where the people are tonnes better. I still don’t enjoy the job, by any means, but i don’t dread it and i don’t have to work until 10am, only 6am! I’m well looked after by the door staff and I’ve made friends with a couple of waitresses, so all in all it’s not too bad.

Less than 2 weeks and Nik will be here with me. We’re going to spend 6 weeks in Sydney, visiting friends and family, then off to London to continue the saving. Life is good 🙂

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