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Training, sort of!

Nik and I ran the Kingston half marathon yesterday and I got a PB Of 1:51, beating my previous time by 5 minutes, so I’m pretty chuffed with that.  2 week count down to the ride now. Over €450 raised for charity water so far. Please help me hit my target of 100 people getting access to clean water:


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Bike fixing time

I spent my Saturday morning learning all about bikes and how to fix mine if I come up with any issues along the way. Lucky I did really, as a puncture repair is about the extent of my knowledge. This was a 3 hour one to one bespoke course and we managed to cover everything, so my nerves about issues have been put to rest. Just a few more bits to buy and I’m ready to go in less than 3 weeks. Arghhhhhh!

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Lady of leisure

I handed my notice in yesterday. It was a really strange feeling, but exciting at the same time.

I’ve been there for 2 years and have learnt so much and had a lot of fun. I’m really going to miss the team, but a lot has changed there and I’ve been offered another job for when I get back in May. That means 3 WHOLE MONTHS OFF WORK!

Now the real planning can begin with less than 4 weeks to go until the ride! I better switch off Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women and get cracking.

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Flight booked!

Supposed to be dated October 2015

Flights to Podgorica, Montenegro booked for 13th March 2016!

Montenegro you ask? So things really have changed, but definitely for the best! London has made me miraculously grow up, which I’ve not really been in a hurry to do up until now. I’m 29, Nik isn’t a spring chicken and I’ve been thinting a lot more about our future. I really like my job in recruitment and it turns out I’m pretty good at it. I’m actually the number one ‘biller’ in the company! We want kids soon and want to buy a house before then, so a 2-4 year bike ride doesn’t fit into that plan.

I still have to get a long bike ride out of my system so I’ve planned a route from Montenegro to UK, flying in and working my way back over 2 months, 7 countries and roughly 3,000km!

Now I just have to figure out how to get my bike on the plane and it coming out in one piece…..

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London life

This is supposed to be dated May 2014…

6 weeks with Nik flew by! We were so excited to see each other and there was so much we wanted to do. We caught up with all his friends and family, flew to Queensland, had fun in Nimbin (ate some cookies), dived sith grey nurse sharks, drank lots, ate lots….you get the picture! Anyway a lot of money was spent, but we figured we’d earn that back in no time in London.

I was lucky, I got a job within the first week in recruitment. Without London experience Nik didn’t have too much joy, so it meant tightening our belt for a while. We look back at this time and it was the most skint we’ve been but we actually did a lot and we’re still very happy. We watched lots of live rugby, went to the theatre loads, comedy shows, ran a half marathon, partied hard! We can’t complain. Anyway, London life distracted us and its meant the bike ride is massively delayed…

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