Dry run

With only 1 week until I fly I thought it’d be a good idea to do a dry run and test out all my gear, but mainly to see if I’ll actually be able to get on the bike and ride away with all the stuff on!

Surprisingly , there was plenty of room left in the panniers (cyclist lingo for bike bags) and once I’d set off you could hardly feel them, even up the hills.


The ride didn’t start off too well, within minutes one of Niks panniers came off in the middle of the road as I’d lost a clip when I got hit by a car last year. Oops. Cable ties did the job until we found a shop.

We get another 3 miles up the road and Nik gets a puncture! We were laughing as it was so bloody typical! With Niks help at least I got to practice my first road side puncture repair….as it started to rain OF COURSE!

The rest of the day was lovely, for me anyway. Nik hasn’t rode (ridden?) a bike for years so his bum wasn’t doing too well. Mine on the other hand is as hard as nails now, even trying out my shiny new leather Brooks saddle didn’t hurt. Wow, I’m that person who gets giddy about saddles now, I need to get a life.

Anyway, the plan was to cycle to a campsite in Hassocks, around 40 miles away, but we were drenched and freezing so decided on a B&B near Crawley. Looks like I’ll be testing out my camping gear in Montenegro! Eeeek!


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