Today’s the day!

Its finally happening, I’m checked in with an hour to pass before I fly to Podgorica, tea and bacon butty in hand.

I had the whole day to prepare yesterday, which I thought was plenty of time- how long can packing my bags and bike take?! A lot longer and a lot more stress than anticipated it seems.

Packing my four panniers wasn’t too tough, I just had to ensure the weight was properly distributed so I don’t tip over. Just weighed at the airport and they all weigh 17kgs. I put them into one bag to avoid ryanair’s Pain in the arse rules.


It was around 5pm when I started on the bike, with Nik’s help.

I’ve read plenty of blogs and websites before hand on how to prepare a bike for planes and I even asked the guy on my 3 hour bespoke bike course lots of questions. It seems you need practice…

First step, take off the pedals. I’d bought a 15mm spanner I needed, but those pedals weren’t budging, we needed a long handled one for more leverage. Shit. It’s 17.30, places will be closed. I shot out the door on my bike in search of help, after cycling to 3 different places I found my saviour in a lovely bike man who took them off for me. Luckily it was only 1km away and down hill back home, so I could cruise home (very slowly) like a weirdo with legs flailing out!

The rest of the bike prep was ok, just took ages protecting it with cardboard, bubble wrap, foam lagging. I’m praying the baggage handlers treat her kindly.

Please please please don’t break my baby/mode of transport for be next two months!

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