Going solo

15th March- Kotor to Dubrovnik- 80kms

filip had other plans and left me to go it alone half way through the day. I felt a pang of “oh shit, I’m really on my own now”, but mostly felt excited to let the real journey begin. Soon after it started to rain…not the best sign.

Longest day on the bike so far and third day in so I found it pretty tough. Low moment was getting really excited thinking that I’d finished with the hills for the day as I could see Dubrovnik (on the coast). GoPro set to video, I scream “yay I made it”, then seconds later “fuck, there’s another hill”.

They’re horn happy here, not sure if it’s a “get off the road”, “hey” or “I’m here” kind of beep, but i started waving and smiling, now it just pisses me off. I’m on a busy road, I don’t need to know you’re there, I can hear you!

Anyway made it to the hostel which was surprisingly good- quiet but a nice atmosphere and the owners seem lovely. It’s off season so everywhere is quiet, but it means a 6 bed dorm is only in fact a 3. First job unfortunately was washing my clothes in the sinks and turning my bunk into a Chinese laundry, then my first beer of the trip. Well deserved I think.


After a well needed shower I headed in search of food and found a lovely little restaurant and tried the waiters recommendation of ‘sarme kiselim kupusom’, mince meat wrapped in cabbage with sauerkraut in gravy- yum!


Sarme kiselim kupusom 

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