16th March- Dubrovnik

Every 3 days  I’m taking a day off the bike to give my legs (and bum) a rest and get to see some places properly. Today I explored Dubrovnik.

I didn’t go into the detail yesterday about the stunning views over Dubrovnik I saw cycling in- wow!


I first went to check out the old town and this one put the one in Kotor to shame! I’m not exactly ‘into’ or don’t appreciate great architecture but I was blown away by some of the buildings here and every corner I turned there was something that stopped me in my tracks. This included some rather out of place objects…they’re filming the new Star Wars here, so there’s bits of set covered up with sheets everywhere and some that blends in with the real walls.


One of the many old forts


Spot the real from the set!


Inside one of the cathedrals



more Star Wars 


around the old city walls 

After getting a little lost in the labyrinth of the Old town I headed for the cable car to get a view higher up the mountain than on my way in. There’s a little cafe up there so I sat outside for a while and took in the view. I had to join the selfie gang too..


I decided to walk back down rather than take the cable car, but seemed to go a little off piste and was walking face down the side of the mountain- little stupid of me. Anyway, I found the actual path eventually and headed back to the hostel to grab dinner with two girls I met. When we got back two more guys were in our dorm, they’d cycled from Turkey! Great to meet some more cycle tourers and they had some great stories about their bikes being robbed in Greece, but the police got them back, then they had a smoke with a Hit man that had been in jail in Albania! Even after the guys had showered they stunk out the room- I hope I don’t smell that bad in a few weeks!

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