Hello Bosnia

17th March- Dubrovnik- Trebinje- 35kms, Bus from Trebinje- Mostar

On the road for 7am with gusto attitude. Headwind and hills (I know I sound like a broken record) changed this and meant I only covered 35km in around 3 hours! I’ve actually ran faster. The plan was to  cycle 35km to Trebinje, then another 50-60km and find a campsite, but there was no way I’d make it in time.

First impressions of Bosnia not so great, a lot of nothing around (I suppose I can’t hold that against them though). Ended up on a dirt road and passed some scary buildings.


I stopped at a cafe in Trebinje and the guy who ran it was extremely friendly and helpful. He was laughing that I was sat outside in a tshirt and all the men were inside with jumpers on! I got a good vibe for this place.

After the strongest coffee I’ve ever tasted I decided to have a look round properly and leave the bike with my new friend Leo.

My vibe was right, what a lovely place it was. Nothing spectacular, just a really nice small town atmosphere where everyone knows one another. I had a walk around yet another old town and headed for the river to check out some old bridge. The river flowing through the town is crystal clear and the place is covered in plane? Trees. They mention these trees a lot in their guide book!


I was sat admiring the river when a guy said something in Bosnian then translated when he heard I spoke English that I’m apparently an ‘indigo child’, one who likes nature…hmmm. Anyway, Stefan his name was, and I chatted for a while and he told me about an art gallery across the river where a guy was a POW and he opened up this gallery with his works when he was freed. Stefan was going the opposite way, so I headed for the gallery and said goodbye. Then he shows up at the gallery with a “a ha” look on his face. I made my ‘my boyfriend is waiting for me in the hotel’ excuse and left. Weird.

I went in search of food to go in my baguette in the towns little market, they had a lot of figs and cheese so I went with the cheese. A nice old lady with no teeth have me a bag of what I think was goats cheese and wouldn’t let me pay, bless her.




Got some popcorn from this hottie too 

New plan I’ve decided on in order to fit in what I wanted to see- get a bus to Mostar (3.5 hours), stay there one night then head to Kravice Waterfalls the next day. Now to see if I can get my bike on the bus…

Yes, the driver let me- I was surprised there was room! He even gave me his last chocolate.  The Balkans in general aren’t a smiley bunch, but Bosnians have been the friendliest so far.


My bus to Mostar

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