Road closures

19th March- Medugorje- korcula island- 60kms

Didn’t have time yesterday to check out the random little village that is medugorje. In 1981 a group of teenagers claimed to have been spoken to by the Virgin Mary. Since then tonnes of religious nuts have travelled here. The place is tiny and there’s groups of people praying- i counted over 15 coaches parked up!


Over 15 of these beasts!


Prayers by the rock

I left myself plenty of time to get to the port for 11am, only 30km away (apparently). About 10km in, close to the border a guy shouts something in Bosnian that I understood to be “road closed”. No worries, my GPS will redirect me…another 10km down the road after battling with some horrendous hills the road just stops. Shit. This second detour really ballsed up my chilled cycle with plenty of time to play with. I had to pedal like crazy and managed to get to the port for 10.59. I begged the ferry man to wait for me to a get a ticket and thank god he was nice about it, said I had 2 minutes. If there’s one thing I hate more than hills it’s waiting, and with the next ferry not for another 3 hours I was so relieved to get on. I didn’t even care what time it was, I needed a beer!


On the ferry at last

Feeling relaxed on the 50 minute ferry I knew I only had roughly 20km to get to the other side of the island for the connecting ferry to korcula. You’d think it would make sense on a hilly island to have a nice coastal road AROUND the island, NOT a windy hilly stupid road through it! It was the most agonising 10km getting half way across the island, however the down hill on the other side did feel good. Another 20 minute ferry and I was in Korcula, a peaceful island south of Hvar famous for its wine and olives.


View on the down hill 

I knew it wasn’t going to be high season here in Croatia, but I didn’t expect to be the only tourist around (or so it seems). Apparently things start kicking off in May and until then most things are closed and it’s like a ghost town! I don’t mind too much here as I’m ready for a nice relaxing day tomorrow on my day off the bike.


Once I’d found a place to stay, a steal at £15 a night (right on the sea front, my own huge terrace, tea making facilities and BBC news) I headed to one of the only open restaurants and got chatting to 4 guys from Sarajevo who had cycled 90km around Korcula today. They were really interesting guys with some cool stories; one was a ‘famous actor’ in Bosnia, one radio dj, head of security and the other guy had a market research company.

Now back to my room to update these blog posts 🙂

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