Slightly off plan

23rd March- Hvar- Plitvice Lakes (off bike) 

We had our plan in place, 6.30 ferry to Split, then catch the 8am bus (with my bike in tow) to Plitvice to arrive around midday and then on 25th head to Zagreb (me cycling, Lauren on the bus). This plan was ruined when both morning ferries were cancelled due to adverse weather conditions on the SUNNIEST PLACE IN CROATIA. The next ferry was the car ferry on the other side of the island at 11.30, then the bus wasn’t until 8pm, meaning we arrived after 1am and had 7 hours waiting in Split.

We decided to get a hire car instead, but the one way fee to drop off in Zagreb was €100 so split-plitvice-split it had to be!

It was after lunch we set off, all excited to get to Plitvice for late afternoon, then explore the next day. Once Lauren figured out how to use the wipers and remember which side of the road she was on we were plain sailing. That is until yet another road closure, except this time a whole bloody motorway (or part of it) was closed and there seemed to be no diversion, so our 3 hour journey took more like 5 hours driving round sharp coastal roads with wind like I’ve never seen it (thought we were going to get tipped over at one point) and then, ohh there’s snow. SNOW? WTF, it’s spring in Croatia and Lauren and I had a bikini day planned in the lakes tomorrow.


Wed booked into a guest house near the lakes for two nights, so we were expecting to be treated like guests, you know a smile, some offer of tea perhaps. No, just a rude non English speaking funny looking woman who offered us no food. We weren’t happy bunnies and had to eat some cereal out of a cooking pot of mine. 5* living this! I was thinking “these bloody lakes better be worth it-“- spoiler alert, they are!!

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3 thoughts on “Slightly off plan

  1. anna

    Hi! What hire car company did you use in split? I need to book a car when we arrive. We’re they good and reliable? Cheers x

    • Hi. It was Oryx and yes they are great. The guy is really helpful in here and it’s just 5 minutes walk from the ferry. If you need a place to stay there’s an Airbnb place right next door to the car hire that I’d recommend. Hope this helps. X

      • anna

        Most excellent! I’ve seen oryx had decent prices. Just wanted to confirm they were a “real” company before booking! Cheers x

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