Law breakers

25th March- Plitvice Lakes- Zadar- Split (off bike)

To make the most of having the car we decided to stop off in Zadar on the way back to split to drop he car off. I’d heard its a pretty cool city so we went for a look around.

The coolest thing about the city is called the sea organ, which is basically tubes under marble steps that make music from the waves. Lauren and I practiced mindfulness for 5 minutes, then got distracted by the swarm of coach tourists so we moved on to yet another old town. I know I sound a little unapreciative, but if I see or hear of another bloody stari grad (old town) I might scream- anyway nothing will beat Dubrovnik’s. To be fair to Zadar the old town was decent, with some Roman ruins dotted around and they even had a pillar of shame which we both appreciated.  If I’m honest we just liked the name, but I just googled and it’s where ‘naughty people were chained and pillared’ – I didn’t know pillared was a thing!


Pillar of shame 


Entrance to old town


Beer in zadar

Leaving Zadar we headed back to split. Lauren was feeling a little too comfortable on the wrong side of the road and ran into law enforcement. The police on the side of he road held out a big stop sign, which Lauren took a while to slow down and stop for- not a good sign. The big scary Croatian police man got her out he car and told her she was going 90kmph in a 50kmph zone…..TUT TUT TUT. This wouldn’t have happened if I was driving, let me tell you. I felt really bad for Lauren, I know she must have been shitting it- so I took a photo so she could remember this moment and remind her never to speed again. The jammy sod managed to sweet talk the man out of the 1,000kuna (£100) fine by telling him she was in the army- crisis averted!!


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