Alone again

26th March- Split- Zagreb (off bike) 

Lauren left early this morning and i was a bit low setting off alone. As great as this trip has been so far, parts of it have felt pretty lonely. I know you may be thinking ‘you’ve only done a few days on your own’ but 8 hours on the road with only your own thoughts and own questions to answer have been tougher than expected.

Anyway- time to toughen up and get on the bus to Zagreb and make up some kilometres. For some strange reason there were two buses going to Zagreb at 8am- one was double the price and took 6 hours instead of 5. Yes, that’s the one I got on- dammit!

My hostel wasn’t far from the bus station, so I dropped off my things and gave my bike its first check over- wheels, bolts, chain- all good.
Afterwards I went for a walk around the city, checked out the cathedral, city market and the most random museum I’ve ever been to- the museum of broken relationships. People basically donate an item that relates (to them) to a break down in relationship (sexual or family) and give a little story. It was both hilarious and really sad at the same time- some of them gave me a lump in my throat. There was anything from a wedding dress to a pair of road signs and even a suicide note!



I wondered how well my early night was going to go in a 10 bed dorm room- feel like the oldie in the hostel, in bed before 10pm, but it’s got to be done if I’m going to get over 100km done tomorrow. It’s 220km to Lake balaton in Hungary, so I’ve decided to up the anti and do it in 2 days, rather than three 75km days- eeek!

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