Every cloud has a silver lining

27th March- Zagreb- Ljubisica- 70km

Despite giving my bike a thorough check over yesterday I went to get on it this morning and the front wheel was flat. Dammit. No problem, I have a spare- slight delay but I’ll be on the road in no time…or so I thought. Getting the new inner tube in was a lot more fiddly than it should have been. It didn’t help that my tyre levers snapped off too- Dam you pound land! I had a metal tyre lever as a spare, which I was told I shouldn’t use- but it was my backup. When I went to pump up the type with the new tube in I realised why I should have paid a little more for my tyre levers- I’d punctured so many holes in the new inner tube in my impatient frustration that I didn’t have enough patches for. Shit. It’s Easter Sunday and nothing’s open. Double shit. After a moan to Nik on the phone I put a few messages out to the warm showers community (there’s a map function where you can see members who live close by) and luckily enough a very kind guy close by gave me a spare inner tube and even fitted it for me- what a guy!

I was about to set off around 11.30 when another person I messaged came along to help too- wow, how kind some people can be.

It was obvious I wasn’t going to over 110km before dark, so it looks like the lake will have to be done in 3 days, not 2.

The road rewarded me with more or less flat roads the whole way, improving my mood from this morning. I passed another cycle tourer on the way, from Korea. He’d been travelling 7 months, started in London and travelled south through Spain and then East. The amount of stuff he had with him was incredible, he said it weighed over 40kgs. Mine weights 17kg, so it made me look like I’d packed light!



Due to the lovely flats roads I arrived way earlier than expected at 16.30. My host, Marko-another warm showers member, let me use his washing machine (2 weeks of sink washing wasn’t really doing the trick) and gave me a place to stay on his sofa. Ljubisica is a small farming village so he uses the site to meet people from all over the world.

He suggested we go into Varazdin and take a look around, as I wouldn’t have time tomorrow to pass through. What a lovely city- again nothing spectacular but everywhere you turn there’s an unusual building steeped in history. The creepiest thing was the ‘place where angels sleep’ – so weird.





Creepy angels ally 

We headed back and marco prepared bread, meat and cheese with some nice wine. He doesn’t cook, like at all, he pays a little old lady in the village to cook for him or goes to his sisters and gets food there!

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One thought on “Every cloud has a silver lining

  1. Rose

    Sounds amazing! Those movements when you want to cry will (in time) become some of the most remembered and funniest moments of the trip. It wouldn’t be an adventure without ups and downs along the way!

    Good luck and keep going. Lots of love from Uzbekistan. Keep peddling X X

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