The ‘scenic’ route

28th March- Ljubisica (Croatia) – Letenye (Hungary)- 100km

The day started off so well, early rise and nice flat roads. I must say that at least with the proper hills you get a hell of a view at the top, the large expanses of flat farm land can get a bit tedious so I had my podcasts (serial) to keep me entertained. In no way am I complaining though, I’m 100% done with mountains.


I approached the border to Hungary and sat for my daily hot chocolate- I think I’m addicted to them! Thankfully the lovely Herman, from Herman restaurant exchanged my Croatian Kuna for Hungarian Forint, yet another currency to figure out. £10 is equivalent to around 4,000 forint- this should be fun with all these notes!

A couple of police officers stopped to check out my bike, paying particular attention to my Brooks saddle. For those non cyclist geeks- Brooks make (apparently) the best saddles in to world. They’re leather and don’t look comfortable, but look pretty vintage stylish- they actually mould to the shape of your bum in time, making it bespoke and the best seat to suit your own bum.

Another 20km down the road and I wasn’t on a road anymore but a lot of bloody off road, mountain bike suitable tracks. At one stage i was swerving to avoid trees, the next I was in grass so long I had to get off my bike.


Once I got into civilisation, after about 10km of this madness I needed a beer- my first Hungarian 50p beer. It was a very small town I stopped in and I was stared at like I had two heads. They’re big starers here so I always smile or wave, but most of the time the stare just continues.
I met a delightful one eared morbidly obese man sat on the bench outside trying to speak to me in Hungarian with his mouth full of sandwich, bits flying everywhere. Nice.
Time to get the GPS out and see where he hell its been taking me. It somehow changed its own setting overnight and had set to ‘go onto unpaved roads and take the scenic route’. I cursed silently when I realised that it’d be another 60km to my destination (10km going back over the same road) and I’d already done about 80km. I really didn’t have it in me, physically and mentally so the next sign I saw for a guest house I stopped at and breathed a sigh of relief.

It made my day when the place had a little French bulldog puppy who lived there and the goulash with about 6 slices of bread went down a treat.



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