Mostly Peaceful day

29th March- Letenye- Balatonbereny-85kms

Cycling when the sun is coming up made for a beautiful peaceful morning, however the fleece and gloves were needed!


I stopped to eat breakfast (muesli and yoghurt has been my staple) in my pot with my little camping spoon at a little bus stop, taking in the scenery.


The roads are way more set up for cyclists in Hungary, there are lots of bike signs and special designated bike paths which made for a nice ride. Not much to report on the scenery, apart from some nice cottages and house along the way and a Virgin Mary or Jesus/cross statue every few kilometres. They’re big into Easter here so a lot of the houses and trees are decorates with bunnies and little eggs- looks so nice.



I read a few cycle touring blogs that mentioned dogs chasing cyclists. Since the beginning I’ve had dogs bark at me and some chase along side for a little while, but today was the scariest. This huge dog chased me for ages and then kept swerving I front of my bike, I really thought I was going to go flying or run the dog over. The locals at the side of the road found this hilarious!

As Hungarians don’t have a coastline Lake Balaton is their seaside. It’s around 15km wide, 70km long with different resorts depending on what you want- party, relax, bit of both. Seems the ‘resort’ I got to wasn’t any of those expect a ghost town! When I arrived at the guest house the owner of the house, a very strange lady, told me I was her first customer of the year and then I found of all the bars and restaurants along the lake only one was open. The area is beautiful and I can see it’d be fun with a few more people around but at the moment it’s pretty creepy and I’ll be glad to leave tomorrow.


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