Rock n roll

1st April- Budapest- Esztergom-75km

I dragged out breakfast this morning, eating a million slices of toast, cereal, sweet treats and 3 mugs of tea because I really didn’t want to leave Budapest and the hostel, which has been the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in. It was sociable, clean, the rooms were nice, staff were extremely helpful and of course the free breakfast was awesome.

The journey was a pretty peaceful cycle along the Danube. I’ve turned off my GPS as I think I’m just about capable of following a river westbound, I must admit I did check it a couple of times just in case I somehow took a wrong turning!


Around 20km in I stopped in Szentendre for my daily hot chocolate. I really need to stop these if I’m actually going to see the psychical benefits of this cycle. Szentendre is a touristy seaside like village popular with artists, lots of cobbled sets and cute little shops.

Further on I met two cycle tourers from Belgium who are 5 weeks into a trip to China! They were a lovely couple and we stopped and chatted for a little while, exchanging tips on the route ahead as we were going in opposite directions. It’s quite funny, of the few Cyclists I’ve met along the way the first thing we do is size each other’s kits up- what bike, panniers, saddle, handlebars they have. This isn’t even in a “my kit is better than yours” kind of way, but purely out of interest, as I’m sure like me they’ve done a tonne of research on what kit to get and its nice to hear first hand opinions. They seemed impressed at how lightly I’d packed and were shocked to hear I had a tent in my panniers too!


I arrived at my air bnb place around 3pm and nobody was in, so I was a little miffed to say the least. As you can imagine the first thing I want to do other than eat after a day of cycling is shower and change out my cycle gear and this guy was delaying that. My mood was festering until I eventually met with him (Amadeus) and he’d been trying to contact me, then told me all about his city, talked of wine later and have me a fridge magnet and postcard. He works 7am-8am at a shop in the city which is why he couldn’t be there, so I felt really bad for being annoyed at him.

On the hunt for food I stumbled across an all you can eat place that had Whitney Houston blaring loudly from the speakers- what a perfect combo. A few of the locals were either disgusted or admiring the amount I was putting away after my fourth plate. That’s when the owner of the place put a dessert in front of me. Was he offering a special treat to the foreigner or was he saying “ok, enough is enough, eat your dessert and leave my restaurant”. He had a smile on his face, so I’m going to go with the former.


I wanted to have a walk around and check out some of the sites, but I was so exhausted I got a few steps away then decided to turn back. I fell asleep around 8pm. Rock and roll!


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