All cultured n that

5th April- Vienna- rest day

I’m so glad I had no expectations of Vienna before I came here, because I’m blown away by how amazing it is! Everywhere you turn there’s a building that’s either really quirky and random or architecturally stunning.


They burn rubbish here apparently!


The Rathaus/ town hall 




Parliament fountain 

Im pretty sure I just took photos of buildings all day, then sat and stared at them for a while. I could go on and on about each individual building, but instead I’ll show you the photos.


Hundertwasser house- the architect wanted to show how a building could blend in with nature 


Church and a lovely coffee house 





I did visit one museum, the Sigmund Freud museum as I didn’t know too much about the guy and wanted to learn more. I was in there, his old surgery, a good couple of hours, despite the place being tiny. It’s also where his daughter, Anna Freud, practised and made psychiatric breakthroughs in her own right- it was really interesting and I learnt a lot.

It wasn’t all culture in Vienna though, I found signs that amused me too- like this one…


Te he he

The coffee culture, as with most European cities is extremely popular here, except in the rest of Europe I’ve come from I was paying €1 a coffee instead of €3.50- time to cut back I think. I don’t even usually drink coffee, I just want to fit in. All the time spent doing as the Viennese do and chilling drinking coffee meant I only covered a small part of the city, it needs at least 3 days I’d say- ah well I’ll have to come back!

I headed back around 5pm on the underground as my feet were killing. It’s so easy to navigate, with much fewer lines than London and a lot simpler- God bless the efficient Austrians.

Jakub had an assignment due in tomorrow, so naturally he was procrastinating by checking my bike over. I put the wheel on the wrong way. Yes, apparently there is a right way. If you already knew this then I’m the dummy! He fixed my brakes and pumped up my tyres much better than my little hand pump could do and I adjusted the panniers all by self (a 5 year old could do this).

All set for tomorrow!!

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