4th April – Bratislava – Vienna- 75km

After one last look around the city with Charlie this morning we grabbed food and went on our ways in opposite directions.


You can always count on the Austrians for their efficiency. The Eurovelo 6 sign posts tripled as soon as I passed the border into Austria in an orderly and clear fashion, so GPS not needed at all.

Despite not speaking or understanding German I can just about order a beer or ask for directions and it’s nice to hear a language that has at least a few familiar words, unlike the rest of he countries I’ve come from.

It was a fairly monotonous ride for the most part, just one straight road surrounded by Forrest on each side- again I didn’t see another soul for miles. I went slightly off track at one stage as it looked more interesting and I’m so glad I did as I saw a deer and it’s calf running through the Forrest.


Nearing closer to Vienna the Danube path springs into life, with loads of other cyclists, runners and families surrounding the area with a really happy vibe. I turned round one bend and almost fell off my bike. Was that a completely naked old dude by the river? I shook my head and carried on only to be greeted by several other very naked bodies….Arghhhhhh it’s a nudist area. I’m sorry I don’t have a photo for the blog, but there were too many people about and I didn’t wanna look like a pervert.

I’m staying at a warm showers host again tonight, a Czech web designer called Jakub. He’s lived in Vienna for over 5 years so he was pretty knowledgable about the city and over a beer he told me about all the places I should visit tomorrow.
I pre warned him about my big appetite and he certainly took it on board providing TWO dinners- now that’s my kind of dinner. Check out the quiche he made!


He’s an interesting guy and was telling me about a 1000 mile bike race in Czech Republic he does most years and how they have to take pepper spray as there are bears in the area and also about the hikes he’s done in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan- the photos were amazing.

I can’t wait to explore Vienna tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Nudity

  1. Rose

    Hi She’ll!

    We stumbled across the nudist riverside in exactly the same way, we were shouted at numerous times for having our clothes on and being in the wrong place! We were surprised and jimi managed to take a sneaky picture!
    Sounds like your having fun.
    Do you think you will do another tour? Just make sure you don’t continue to eat two dinners when you return to London!! Love and safe travels.
    We are off to Tajikistan tomorrow to travel the pamier highway, (without our bikes, much to Jimis disappointment!)

    Take care, see you in the summer. Rose and Jimi xx

  2. Ha ha. I’m glad I didn’t have that!! I doubt I’ll do another one to be honest, this has been enough for me. Oohh your trip sounds great, how you getting around? You back in he uk in summer then? X

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