Camp life

6th April- Vienna – krems an der Donau/ Rossatz-90km

My lovely host jakub not only ensured i was fed properly for breakfast but he also made me a packed lunch, with some veggie snacks too- so sweet of him.


Armed with my properly pumped up tyres I was excited to get on the road again and have my first night camping on my own as I’ve been told about a campsite that’s open 90km away. The headwind and clouds put a stop to this excitement though and left me with a pretty uneventful ride.

I found the campsite easily, and it’s a great little spot along the river. I’m the only tent here amongst an army of motorhomes and my little pitch looks a bit lonely. Lauren/ jean if you’re reading this it reminds me of Lauren’s little pitch in Italy! He he.
I managed to put up my tent in day light this time with little effort, which I’m very proud of, and have made sure the pegs are in properly too.

It’s 19.30 and I’ve cooked my delicious one pot dinner of tortellini, pesto and sweetcorn, washed the dishes and sat with my cuppa (and whole pack of biscuits demolished) watching the buildings in front light up as it gets darker. Perfect way to end a day 🙂


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