Stupid bloody crows

8th April- amstetten to Linz- Salzburg- 70km cycle- 130km train

Raining again this morning and It was only supposed to be a 50-60km cycle to the train station in Linz, but somehow I took a wrong turning. Only I can follow a river bed and manage to take a wrong turning.
Anyway, because of the short distance and plenty of time I was taking it easy, then realised I was pushing it for time, especially as my stupid GPS loves taking me the long way round. It’s taken a few weeks to realise this but when I input a destination into the GPS and it tells me how far away it is, that’s ‘as the crow flies’- what a stupid friggin idea- I DO NOT FLY LIKE A CROW, I cycle, which is why I bought a special CYCLE GPS.

I made it to the station with 10 minutes to spare and got on my train, this time my bike paid for and reserved, phew. I was absolutely starving as I didn’t have time to stop for lunch. Then he ticket lady came round and said I’d got into the wrong carriage, but if I changed at the next station she’d wait for me. She didn’t and the train left without me, leavin me to wait An hour until the next train- ah well it meant I could get some food.

My right knee has been giving me jipp the last few days which is a bit worrying, so I’m glad of a rest day tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Stupid bloody crows

  1. biking2work

    Is it a Garmin Tourer? I’m looking around and definitely DON’T want one that takes me as the crow flies…

    • Yes. As I said it doesn’t actually take you the route as the crow flies, it shows you the distance in km/miles to your destination as the crow flies. Make sense?

      • biking2work

        Yep. I’ve struck that particular model off the list. Thanks for the review

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