Talking to animals

7th April- Rossatz- Amstetten- 90km

It rained most of last night so I didn’t get a lot of sleep, but at least I was warm enough. That’s the problem with camping; as much as I love waking up outdoors it’s not the best nights sleep. I tried to time getting up and packing when the rain had stopped and got most of it done, but when it came to packing the tent away the rain started.

The camping folk are very friendly here, despite not understanding most of what they’re saying I got the jist of a few words: “guten morgen” and “calt?” (Asking if I was cold in my tent). The common phrase for hello is is gruss got I learnt, so I’ve been using that a lot now to try and sound like a local.

I made a new friend in the form of a little bird. Last night cooking dinner he/she got very close and was chirping at me to give it food, which it practically took from my hand. The cute little thing showed up this morning too as I was packing- I think he wanted to say goodbye.


The ride to amstetten, whilst a wet one, was a tranquil and scenic one with the odd bit of farm land thrown in with the Danube path.


I was supposed to camp again tonight but the weather forecast rain for the next few days so I’m staying at a warm showers host, called Anita. I arrived around 5pm and we sat and chatted for a while after she’d shown me around her place. Anita is the same age as me and loves to travel and cycle of course so we had plenty to talk about and shared stories of our travels and places we want to go to next. She’s got three cats, two of which are the most affectionate little things And one shy one which has a little hitler tash- I really wanted to take one with me!

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