Rushed through

14th April- Oberstaufen- Konstanz- 70km

Weather forecast was rain today, so I was prepared in my waterproofs with plastic bags at the ready for my shoes. Luckily it only rained a little and got gradually nicer as the day went on, but I cycled pretty fast with little breaks in between just in case.

For lunch I stopped at a little shop in a village to get my standard baguette and meat for sandwiches. The little old woman behind the counter was so sweet, she ripped the pack of salami open, brought out some salad and made the sandwich for me despite there being a queue forming- it certainly beat my meat lobbed in baguette I’ve ripped apart daily meal.

I hadn’t reAlised how big Lake Constance is, really pretty around there too. I got the ferry across to the city of Konstanz from Meersburg, which didn’t take long, but the journey was a scenic one across the water.


Konstanz is a lovely city, from what I saw of it too- nice buzz about with lots of old buildings and cobbled streets with a river running through. I had a walk around and sampled some local food- Currywurst- yummy Herman sausage in a curry/gravy sauce. Mmmmm.

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