About me

Hi! Thanks for checking out my site.

My name is Shell and in July 2014 I was going to cycle around the world. In June 2013 I met the love of my life and things have changed a lot! I have a job I love and want to further my career, buy a house and have kids so the bike ride has been snipped to 2 months.

I’ll be doing this mainly solo, flying over on 13th March 2016 into Podgorica (Montenegro) and cycling back home to London


9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Janet Gill

    So envious yet so proud of what you are doing Shell! Xxxx

  2. Gary

    As always you make me proud, u can do it. XXX

  3. Gilly Spence

    This sounds completely amazing….. You are very inspirational…go girl!!

  4. MSK

    Hi Shell,
    If you need to seek advice and knowledge (what little I know) you can email me at mskworldcyclingtour@hotmail.co.uk always happy to talk.
    I should be still cycling but am back in the UK

    Don’t plan too much, – it just get in the way!


    • Hi Mark. That’s great of you to help. I will definitely take you up on your offer! Look out for a message!

  5. Hi Shell,

    Thanks for your lovely comment in our guestbook. Did you catch the 12 o’clock ferry?
    I’m affraid you left the cable for your gps in our room.
    When i woke up this morning, there was police everywhere! They caught a robber just two houses away from our home ! I think Sputnik did his job.
    if you have any (technical) questions about your upcoming worldcycle, just email us.
    Happy cycling !

    • Hi Henk

      Thank you for welcoming me into your lovely home!

      Yes, i managed to catch the ferry luckily. I got there just before 11am. The Headwind was awful!

      I can’t believe it that it was only 2 houses away, that’s crazy! Good ole Sputnik!

      I may take you up on your offer of advice. Thank you.

      Thanks to you and Katrin, once again for showing me such hospitality.
      I will be updating my blog tonight, so stay tuned!


      P.S- keep the cable, i can get another.

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