My wonderful sponsors

I’ve taken a two month unpaid sabbatical from work and this entire trip is self funded, however I have had the help of a couple of people to pay for some essential kit…

  • Joe at Trutravels has paid for my GPS watch and sleeping mat! Joe has the dream job of organising tours in Thailand and Cambodia!

TruTravels are a backpacker company unlike any other, supplying their travellers with a true to life backpacking experience which encapsulates not only the fun and adventure of travelling but also the independent aspect which many backpackers cherish.
With backpacking trips covering 5 countries across S.E Asia they not only guarantee an awesome experience but one which is also responsible and sustainable, travelling ethically throughout all locations, TruTravels guarantee all our trips give back to all the communities visited, perfect for any fun loving young people looking to share an epic group travel experience with like-minded folks. You can see what we get up to by searching TruTravels on youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc and you can join us in paradise by hitting up

  • Ste Kelly has donated an amazing bit of kit- the Puritii water bottle. A Squeezable plastic water filtration system that filters 99.9% of toxins, so I can fill my bottle up from a puddle!! Check it out here:


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