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Picture postcard

11th April- Iffeldorf- Fussen- 85km

I crept out of my tent this morning, paranoid someone would come and find me. I was right next to some taps, so I thought I’d be able to have a cuppa and brush my teeth before I left- but the water had been shut off of course so I had to make do with brushing my teeth in the lake.


fuhnsee campsite Iffeldorf 

It was freezing last night, so I didn’t get much sleep again. However it was worth it for the view I woke up to and also when I nipped to the loo in the middle of the night (when I say loo I mean bush) the stars were out of this world. Excuse the pun. Living in London it’s easy to forget a real starry sky.

I couldn’t stop taking photos today, the scenery was beautiful- like every travel magazine you see of Austria in winter, snowy mountains and lush green fields. The little villages I passed either had gorgeous paintings on he houses or wooden houses with decorative carvings.


5km from Fussen


Lunch stop

My mood was so upbeat I was singing at the top of my voice (Justin bieber  ”sorry’ in case you weren’t wondering) the way you sing when no ones around- those real high pitch notes I really can’t hit when two guys on bikes cycled past pretty cautionary giving me some really strange looks. I was just a tad embarrassed. He he.


Got to Fussen in the afternoon, dropped my bags at the hostel and went for a wander around. It’s a really cute little town with cobbled streets that run along a river but not a massive amount to do other than he castles tomorrow which I’m so excited about!!




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A great day on the bike

10th April- Salzburg (Austria)- Rosenheim- iffeldorf (Germany) (100km train, 90km cycle)

I snook out as quietly as I could this morning, which was made easier by the fact he was sleeping in the basement for some strange reason!

Getting the train to Rosenheim meant I have enough time to see the castle in Fussen before I meet Niks mum in Strasbourg. The trains in Germany & Austria put ours to shame- they’re clean, have plenty of space for bikes, much cheaper and are actually on time!

Today has been one of those days on the bike that make up for the shit days and remind me why I’m doing this. The whole ride was constantly entertaining and without headwind, which helps, and the rain had stopped and the sun came out. I passed Through thick forest, then through some lovely picturesque villages with snowy mountains in the background and came across a lot of other cyclists on the way. I stopped for a beer and joined a guy who was just trying out his e bike for the first time- nice chap.


Passed this cute ‘calf house’



Lunch in Foching


Bad tolz

There were some hills to tackle, but they weren’t huge and I was rewarded with some pretty awesome down hills- even clocked my top speed of 56kmph!

fussen is around 150km from Rosenheim so the plan was to get to 80km then find a place to camp. I rocked up at the first camp site and it seemed closed, but yet there were mobile homes there with people around, so I snooped about and found a spot I thought I could get away with pitching my tent. I was wrong. A nice Germany lady politely told me I could stay here, but there was a site 5km away. So I got to the next one, Camping fohnsee, and this officially opens in 4 days. I wasn’t in any mood to go looking elsewhere, and there’s no one actually staying here, just semi perm mobile homes that people spend the summer at, SO I found a spot to pitch my tent in the garden of someone’s spot that doesn’t seem to be here. Fingers crossed they don’t come back!!


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Talking to animals

7th April- Rossatz- Amstetten- 90km

It rained most of last night so I didn’t get a lot of sleep, but at least I was warm enough. That’s the problem with camping; as much as I love waking up outdoors it’s not the best nights sleep. I tried to time getting up and packing when the rain had stopped and got most of it done, but when it came to packing the tent away the rain started.

The camping folk are very friendly here, despite not understanding most of what they’re saying I got the jist of a few words: “guten morgen” and “calt?” (Asking if I was cold in my tent). The common phrase for hello is is gruss got I learnt, so I’ve been using that a lot now to try and sound like a local.

I made a new friend in the form of a little bird. Last night cooking dinner he/she got very close and was chirping at me to give it food, which it practically took from my hand. The cute little thing showed up this morning too as I was packing- I think he wanted to say goodbye.


The ride to amstetten, whilst a wet one, was a tranquil and scenic one with the odd bit of farm land thrown in with the Danube path.


I was supposed to camp again tonight but the weather forecast rain for the next few days so I’m staying at a warm showers host, called Anita. I arrived around 5pm and we sat and chatted for a while after she’d shown me around her place. Anita is the same age as me and loves to travel and cycle of course so we had plenty to talk about and shared stories of our travels and places we want to go to next. She’s got three cats, two of which are the most affectionate little things And one shy one which has a little hitler tash- I really wanted to take one with me!

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Camp life

6th April- Vienna – krems an der Donau/ Rossatz-90km

My lovely host jakub not only ensured i was fed properly for breakfast but he also made me a packed lunch, with some veggie snacks too- so sweet of him.


Armed with my properly pumped up tyres I was excited to get on the road again and have my first night camping on my own as I’ve been told about a campsite that’s open 90km away. The headwind and clouds put a stop to this excitement though and left me with a pretty uneventful ride.

I found the campsite easily, and it’s a great little spot along the river. I’m the only tent here amongst an army of motorhomes and my little pitch looks a bit lonely. Lauren/ jean if you’re reading this it reminds me of Lauren’s little pitch in Italy! He he.
I managed to put up my tent in day light this time with little effort, which I’m very proud of, and have made sure the pegs are in properly too.

It’s 19.30 and I’ve cooked my delicious one pot dinner of tortellini, pesto and sweetcorn, washed the dishes and sat with my cuppa (and whole pack of biscuits demolished) watching the buildings in front light up as it gets darker. Perfect way to end a day 🙂


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I hate hills…and tents!

13th March- Podgorica- Sveti Stefan (60km approx)

cycling out of an airport is a weird feeling, almost like you’re missing something. Anyway my bike wasn’t harmed and I managed to put it back together with little stress.

filip was waiting for me outside arrivals- he’s the guy I met on warm showers . For those of you who don’t know, warm showers is a great site for touring cyclists where you can exchange info on routes, get a place to stay or in this case share a journey together. He’s a lovely guy, quite traditional as he says is the way in Montenegro. He’s 27 and still trying to figure out what he wants to do in life, but his mum wants him to get married and have kids. His English is great, although he’s too modest to agree.

We stopped for lunch shortly after- his mum made us sandwiches and apple pie (probably the best I’ve tasted).

Once we got far enough away from the airport the scenery was beautiful. We passed lake skada- a huge lake that spans across Albania too.

There was a festival going on in a village we passed so we stopped for a nosey. Really glad we did, it was such a nice atmosphere, families enjoying local food (fish, meat and figs mainly), wine, beer and traditional music. The music I’m not so much a fan of, sounds like a mixture of the Thai boxing tune and Arabian nights theme! We got some strange looks, not many smiles.

Other than the stunning black mountains for scenery  (Montenegro means black mountain) we passed a snake at the side of the road, then further down the road a bunch of goats being herded by a dog and then had to break hard down a hill and round a bend when we came face to face with a bunch of cows.


Lost goats

Filip warned me about the hills, but Jesus these were mountains! I asked if there was a way to avoid them and he mentioned a tunnel through them. I started to get hopeful until he explained bikes weren’t allowed; “So we go over the mountain” he said with a smerk on his face. After 20km of agonising climbs I wasn’t smiling! The downhills were breathtaking though, metaphorically and literally!

We were racing against time to find a place to camp before dark. We lost- it was near 7pm before we found somewhere suitable. The spot was a small beach a few kms from Sveti Stefan- a fancy beach resort. The next two hours we spent figuring out how to put my tent up. It was cold, dark and extremely windy, so a pretty painful experience. To top it off it was one of the worst night’s sleep I’ve ever had because the wind was so bad it sounded like my tent was going to blow away. It nearly did- half of the pegs had come out and I woke up with half my tent caved in. Practice makes perfect I suppose.


Breakfast with a view


My pitch for the night 


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