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Bit of a let down

9th April- Salzburg- rest day

I hate to sound negative, but Salzburg had been a real disappointment. It may be because it was one of The places I was looking forward to the most, or it could be he fact it was cloudy and rained all day, but I was expecting a bit more wow factor.


Mozart was born here

I set off early before 9am to make sure I covered the whole city and by 1pm I was done. Yes, I could have gone into every single museum and church, but that’s not my idea of a fun day. There were some lovely churches and other buildings, but nothing too special that I haven’t seen in the rest of Europe already.  Maybe I’ve been spoilt and I’m being super ungrateful I don’t know, but because of the disappointment I turned to comfort eating. I ate pretzels, bratwurst, Salzburg soup (not entirely sure what was in it), cake and I’m supposed to be having schnitzel with the guy from air bnb tonight, but that’s another story…


I got back just after lunch and went to my room to chill. Next thing I hear screaming between him and his mum. This guy has got to be about my age… But still he was arguing with his mum like a teenager, then went to his room slammed the door shut and played his music really loud then started on his drum set. Yikes. I sat in my room waiting for the commotion to die down, then The neighbours downstairs started banging on the door and they all started screaming at each other! I went to the pub for a little bit to get out of the place, then when I got back the guy was drunk and limping around trying to clean up something spilt on the floor. He made schnitzel and Invited me to eat with him, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to sit with him. I decided the schnitzel was worth it, and it was just about.
Next drama of the night my shoes were missing. We looked everywhere for them and I was starting to get worried as its Sunday tomorrow and I need to get on the road early to make it to the castle on time, so I wouldn’t have chance to buy any. It turns out his mum took them to get back at the dude (Robert),when she came round again I tried reasoning with her and she kept saying “Robert has money to buy you new shoes, you can be happy together.” Ewwww, she thought I was with this disgusting excuse for a man. At dinner I got a bigger insight into his life, about his heroin addict ex girlfriend and how he’d had some too blah blah blah. Then when I asked what he does for work he gave the “In between jobs” answer and goes on about the fact the bank won’t give people like him a loan to set up their own business! NO, you’re a disgusting thing with far too much of your old holey underwear on show. He bent over to pick something up and I got a beautiful view of his arse through a palm size hole in his boxers. Yes, that’s how far down his jeans were. I gagged. Around 11pm my shoes turn up. I didn’t ask questions, I just wanted to get out of there.

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